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Jeremy L. CaradonnaPhD

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NEWS: Sustainability: A History is currently being translated into Spanish. It should be available en español at some point in 2016. 

Speaking Engagements: Jeremy regularly gives public lectures, workshops, and seminars on sustainability efforts, the history of environmental thought, and green business. Upcoming events include an intensive three-day seminar at Benedictine University in Chicago. For information on speaking engagements, please contact Jeremy at caradonn@ualberta.ca or caradonn@uvic.ca. 

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Jeremy L. Caradonna, PhD, is an associate professor of History at the University of Alberta and an adjunct professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria who studies the European Enlightenment and the history of the sustainability movement. He is the former CEO of a successful organic food company. He is married with two kids. He likes soccer and music and baking bread. He is not that great at writing bios in the third person.  

My research & CV

In broad terms, my research deals with the relationship between the past and the present. How has history shaped who we are? How does it enable or burden us? More concretely, I'm interested in the legacy of the Enlightenment in Europe and the Americas. The 18th century is the 'origin' of the critical public sphere, modern democratic institutions, the concept of sustainability, and our unsustainable industrialized society. We are creatures of the 18th century and my research is an attempt to take stock of that complex heritage. 

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My latest book is called Sustainability: A History (OUP, 2014) and covers the history of sustainability (the concept and the movement) from 1700 to the present. It is available on amazon.com and in national bookstores.