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Jeremy L. CaradonnaPhD

"Fortes fortuna adiuvat"

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I hold a PhD in the history of scientific, environmental, and political thought and teach Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. My interests include the history of sustainability, sustainable food systems, and the green economy. In addition to my work in academia, I am the former CEO of an organic food company and work on climate action as a civil servant. I am married with two kids and enjoy running, playing music, cooking, gardening, and fermenting foods. In Victoria, I am active in local politics, the local food scene, and alternative economics.

My research & CV

In broad terms, my research deals with the relationship between human beings and the natural world. What do people think about the environment and how has history shaped these views? Where did sustainability come from and where is it going? How can we learn from the past to create a sustainable society and economy that benefits ecosystems, human health, and the climate? My research draws on history, cultural studies, anthropology, agriculture and agroecology, business, and more, and seeks to benefit public wellbeing.

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My latest book is called One Level at a Time: Transitioning to Organic Vegetable Production (COG, 2018). It's a practical guide to transitioning our food system from conventional to organic production. It's based on interviews with Canadian farmers who've gone organic.

Sustainability: A History will be released as a second edition in April of 2022.  

See my appearance on CNN's "Tomorrow Transformed," which discusses the history of sustainability, and how the sustainability movement might be revived by the hard lessons of the pandemic. 

I'm delighted to share with readers my opinion piece in The Guardian

I argue that the enforced lockdowns of the pandemic had the unintended consequence of decreasing emissions and reviving simple living, and they can and should stick with this low-carbon simplicity as we move ahead. 

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(around $25)

This transition handbook is applicable to vegetable producers in Canada, the U.S., and other temperature growing areas. 

It includes information on the barriers and risks of transition, the rewards and benefits, agronomic chapters on soil, weeds, and pests, marketing opportunities, and certification pathways. 

It can be purchased via COG (Canadian Organic Growers) here


Buy Sustainability: A History (around $20)

Shop for Sustainability: A History at Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble, and 

An edited excerpt of the book ran on Click here to read it.

The Boston Globe ran a Q&A on the book and its author. Read it here

NEWS: Sustainability: A History will be published in 2022 as an updated second edition!! If you haven't purchased the book, Oxford University Press will be releasing pre-orders soon. 

Speaking Engagements: Jeremy regularly gives public lectures, workshops, and seminars on sustainability efforts, the history of environmental thought, and green business. For information on speaking engagements, please contact Jeremy at 

Watch Sustainability: A History come to life in this short video presentation!