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Jeremy L. CaradonnaPhD

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I hold a PhD in History and teach Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. My interests include the history of sustainability, sustainable food systems, and the green economy. In addition to my work in academia, I am the former CEO of an organic food company. I am married with two kids and enjoy soccer, playing music, cooking, gardening, and fermenting foods. In Victoria, I volunteer at a public food forest, on my local biodiesel co-op, and serve on the garden committee of my kids' school. 

My research & CV

In broad terms, my research deals with the relationship between human beings and the natural world. What do people think about the environment and how has history shaped these views? Where did sustainability come from and where is it going? How can we learn from the past -- and past mistakes -- to create a sustainable food system that benefits ecosystems, human health, and the climate? My research draws on history, cultural studies, anthropology, agriculture and agroecology, business, and more, and seeks to provide practical knowledge for the wider public. 

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My latest book is called One Level at a Time: Transitioning to Organic Vegetable Production (COG, 2018). It's a practical guide to transitioning our food system from conventional to organic production. It's based on interviews with Canadian farmers who've gone organic. 

I write for a public readership. I'll post my latest writings here:  


I recently wrote a piece for The Conversation Canada called "Organic Agriculture is Going Mainstream, But not the Way You Think It Is." You can read it here


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The Boston Globe ran a Q&A on the book and its author. Read it here

NEWS: Sustainability: A History appeared as a paperback edition in 2016, with some updates and revisions. The Spanish translation appeared appear in 2018. 

Speaking Engagements: Jeremy regularly gives public lectures, workshops, and seminars on sustainability efforts, the history of environmental thought, and green business. For information on speaking engagements, please contact Jeremy at [email protected] 

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