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About Me 

I hold a PhD in the history of scientific, environmental, and political thought from Johns Hopkins. I am currently a City Councillor for Victoria, B.C. and a Director in the Capital Regional District (CRD). Prior to election, I taught at Uvic in the School of Environmental Studies and worked as a climate policymaker for the Province of B.C. 

To reach me at the City of Victoria, go here

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My research & CV

My academic research deals with the relationship between human beings and the natural world. What do people think about the environment and how has history shaped these views? Where did sustainability come from and where is it going? How can we learn from the past to create a sustainable society and economy that benefits ecosystems, human health, and the climate? My research draws on history, cultural studies, anthropology, agriculture and agroecology, business, and more, and seeks to benefit public wellbeing.

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Buy a book!

My books include Sustainability: A History (OUP), which was published as a second edition in 2022, and One Level at a Time: Transitioning to Organic Vegetable Production (COG, 2018), which is a practical guide to transitioning our food system from conventional to organic production. 

See my appearance on CNN's "Tomorrow Transformed," which discusses the history of sustainability, and how the sustainability movement might be revived by the hard lessons of the pandemic. 






See my article in The Guardian about how the pandemic impacted sustainability efforts.

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